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Another assortment

Phil Coggan

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This one was done this year. It's The "Nile" gun.

The scene below is of the battle of the Nile.



The same gun, this time the scene is of Nelson receiving his eye injury.



Detail of the same scene.

For those of you not familier with guns, this area is a little over 30mm. long.



Portrait of Nelson on the bottom of the action.



Portrait from gun No1 of a pair of guns called the "20's"



Multi coloured gold guns, flush and raised/carved.




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hi hoouuuuu ,how do you get the different colors of shade in the steel ,is it acid or is carved thanks is a beautiful work :)

The shades are created by crosshatching in various directions.

Fantastic, do you work with a microscope ?

I use a 4.5x head loupe and a 10x handloupe for the fine work, no microscope.



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