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classical netsuke


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Hallo carvers:


I did not show my work for some months. Here are badgers or tanukis in the way Tanaka Minko carved them. I like this animal and carved it as okimono, netsuke and ojime. The okimono is of castello, a piece of wood, that Ko Baas gave to me.

The Netsuke is boxwood and the ojime stagshorn.

Eyes are in brass, Tortoiseshell (comb) or horn.


Then I made the first six animals for my zodiak in the style of Minko. I wood like to have originals, but they are soooooo expensive. When the twelve animals are ready , I will show them again by single pictures. They are of boxwood, ox of ebony and eyes of brass and hornpipils.


This is my Minko project. I will show my other work with my own forms in the next days. There are netsuke of different materials - its nice to carve netsuke in as many materials , as possible. I also like to complete sagemono , its a hobby I share with Ko, he makes really good tonkotsu.


Greetings to all crvers, Hakopost-1743-1261744735.jpgpost-1743-1261744690.jpg

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>I wood like to have originals, but they are soooooo expensive.


Creating it myself is the only way I can ever hope to own fine original art. About 15 years ago my wife sold her all time favorite pencil drawing (she's a much better artist than I)and was always sad she let it go. A few years later I was able to buy it back and give it to her as a surprise. I ended up paying about 30% more than we had sold it for but it was worth every penny. It's also my favorite.


As well as talented you look to be prolific. I need to work at that.


Thank you for sharing your work. It's a pleasure to view.



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Hello Sergio - the dragon is in.

Hello JP - thankyou for the little story.

Here is my first carving from 1976. I gave it as birthday present to a friend and got it back in 2002, when he died.


I´m so happy to have it. It is an Oni, that tries to be Hotei. Carved from bruyere.


Greetings, Hakopost-1743-1261936642.jpg

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