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Happy New Year

Mike Ruslander

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I just want to wish everyone a Happy and healthy New Year.

I'm also curious as to whether anyone has any New Year's resolutions and or project ideas brewing for 2010. Since my job has experienced a hit due to the recession, I find myself working only around 25 or so hours a week instead of 40+. I find this a great opportunity to work on things in the shop that I've though of doing for a long time. I.e. trying my hand at carving knife blades and sculpting the handles and trying my hand at some bird carving.

Anybody else want to share thoughts?

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Happy New year to you, Mike and to everyone. Peace and health to all. My heart goes out to you, Mike, with your reduced hours.


I had to take a job back in electronics nearly nine months ago as things got so bad. That has left me a lot of time to consider what I was doing and if I was doing it correctly/efficently/expertly enough.


I came to the conclusion that if you want it enough you will get it but it is related to the amount of effort that you put in. Not so much in your craft but in your marketing - going further afield, contacting more people who can sell for you, advertising (cheaply) etc.


Anyway thats my thought for 2010! Best o' luck Mike


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Hi All

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.


Mike, May your business grow back this year. Enjoy the freedom in the meanwhile.


Janel, That is seriosly cold. Share some with us please. Here it is +35 C in the shade. :angry:


Natasha, I look forward to more of your "little miracles" Beautiful tiger. ;)



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