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Please accept my apologies for the delay in posting a response to the turmoil of the past recent days. My responsibilities kept me away from the internet.


I am not an adjudicator, nor am I practiced in the diplomatic arts. I am an artist who would much rather be carving than trying to comprehend the issues that have caused such disharmony on the forum.


For all of the forum’s five years, it was expected that member’s communications would transpire in a comradely and convivial manner. For most of the five years this expectation has been met.


The Carving Path members are the forum. Its well-being belongs to its members. They can make it work, or harm it, with how each individual participates. My heart swells with pride for you when you help one another to learn and to grow, and when you make a positive difference in each other’s work and lives. It is heart wrenching when you tear into each other.


I truly hope that you all will work together, to strengthen and foster the need and desire for growth among other carvers as they search for answers.




I would much rather be carving than sitting here trying to figure out how to say what I need to say. What ever I write or do will somehow affect long held friendships and members of the forum. At the beginning of the forum turmoil in late November, I was under excruciating stress from several points that were apart from the forum activities. In a time when I had little time and even less emotional flexibility for what was about to transpire, I was called upon by email to enter the beginning of the disputation between Clive and Natasha. Pulled into the clash between people, each with whom I have been a friend for years, I was placed in a position that I had no desire to be in. Not trained in conflict management, I simply wanted the injurious communications to stop.


It is obvious that I was not the right person for the job of owner/admin when this began. My reactions and actions resulted in furthering confusion and injury. I cannot count the number of times since this began that I have wanted to shed ownership and care-taking of the forum. It must be much easier just being a member and having time for actual carving and creative thought, and contributing to the forum when one chooses to. Is it time for some good suggestions for how to provide a forum that addresses and meets the needs of all the members, from absolute beginners and the internationally known professionals?


I cannot and will not dissect each and every part that all member/participants had to play in the turmoil of November, December, and February. The Carving Path members are the forum, and the members bear responsibility for both the encouraging and discouraging of behavior that results in a quality discussion or a brawl, in retrospect and in the future.


The following statements are short of being proclamations. I simply do not want to compose paragraphs to fit them into more wordy writing, needing to move forward myself after trying to compose my thoughts from the past days and attempting to write succinctly.


To Members:

It is your obligation for maintaining the principles of the forum. This does not mean that what goes on here must be bland and uninteresting in a way that might resemble a kindergarten atmosphere. It is up to you to offer the content and to do it in a responsible fashion.


This forum has a reputation for generous sharing of knowledge between members and for having a welcoming and comradely atmosphere.


It is your responsibility to treat others as you wish to be treated, and to cause no harm.



To Natasha:

Natasha has written privately that she recognizes her negative conduct and will cease such behavior.



To Clive:

You are invited to rejoin the forum and to remain as a contributing member.


To both Clive and Natasha:

Move forward from this point. If you cannot communicate with each other in a comradely way, leave each other and each other’s opinions alone on the public pages of this forum.




To Members:

I encourage the members to consider that the publicly hurtful exchange as ended between Clive, Natasha, and anyone else who furthered the negativity. There is nothing to be gained by prolonging it or by trying to re-evaluate and sort it out.


Settle differences that could grow out of proportion privately, or agree to disagree and leave it at that. There are much better things to do with your skills and knowledge.


I encourage all of the forum members to communicate with each other in a way that encourages positive, educational, information sharing.



Questions to the Members:


Is it time for some good suggestions for how to provide a forum that addresses and meets the needs of all the members, from absolute beginners to the internationally known professionals?


Are there members willing to take active roles in making this forum as strong as you wish it to become?



My great hope is that The Carving Path Forum will emerge from this time a stronger and even more extraordinary resource for carvers.


Thank you for your patience,


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