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some new netsuke


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Hello carvers,


I did a netsuke of a portugese , as I see it, in peroba rosa wood with buttons with inlaid diamonds. The portugese wanted to wear something extraordinary. 10 cm high. Now I will color him with oilcolor over ghesso.


A foxmask of whaletooth - I love the material. 38mm high


An onimask of iron. 39mm high


A chestnut of porcelain . 37mm


I try to build up a netsuke colection with a great variety of materials. Here the material is in the foreground, and it may be simple or abstract designs.


I already showed some material netsuke , that I carved. each material is different and sometimes hard to carve.


I´m just working on a silvernetsuke and a kagamibuta , amber and coralnetsuke, which I will show , when they are ready.


post-1743-1266349388.jpg post-1743-1266349926.jpg


post-1743-1266349406.jpg post-1743-1266349303.jpg

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Hello Hako!

You've created very amazing pieces, your collection looks very interesting!

You conveyed well the expression of the face of this portugese, his feelings were mixed well. He prouds by himself, a little bit haughty, I see a shadow of confusion by his diamonds (probably he think about don't his diamonds shine more than himself?) My congratulation, You've expressed all very well! :)

The mask of Oni looks as ancient, I like it! How was it made? I've never worked with metals! :blush:

The chestnut was also very well done, so smooth surface! :)

The foxmask of whaletooth was traditional done, what did You use, water based dye or lacquer? I tried to stain walrus tusk, but it was not so intensive color as yours, I got just pale color. I think that it is very difficult to stain whale tooth or walrus tusk. :blink:

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Hallo Natasha,


I´m glad , you like the pieces.


I use a special carvingwax, thats hard and can nearly be polished. Then I send it to a casting companie. There is only one in Germany, that does it in iron. I like bronze or silver too.


For staining I use colrs for coloring cloth. Yellow, a little brown and a little grey.


I was on your webside - uff


There are so many fantastic pieces, and some that touch my heart. What a good laquerwork .


I´ll write thereon.


Greetings, Hako

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Hi Nelson,


yes, the little blowfish sits besides me on the sofa. He is one of my favourites.This is a blossom of oxbone. Another material.The innerpart is set into from behind, because the bone was hollow.


Snow is nearly gone here in northern Germany and I feel a little spring. Good time to start something new.


Greetings, Hako

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