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my workbench


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Hallo carvers

Hallo Ron ,


here is my workbench. Only what I need, its the true oposite to yours.


I work on a rubberpiece, for cleaning drainage pipes. I call it nupsi.


The hand lies good on it , to hold the netsuke. The dust falls through a grate into a box. I can take the grate out and clean the box .


I like my place


Greetings, Hakopost-1743-1266522825.jpg

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Hi Hako,


Thank you for the photo of the bench you work on. I for one like to see where the members do their carving work. Is it an old treadle sewing machine table? We have one in our family, still with the machine and sewing paraphernalia in its drawers that belonged to our grandmother on our mother's side.


The grill over box idea looks like a unique and useful solution. One could also connect an adjustable fan/vacuum/dustcatcher connection to that catch box for when sanding dusts are present.


A recent addition to my carving bench and work bench was a packet of four "Bench Cookies". They are about the size of a hockey puck with non-skid foam rubber pads on top and bottom. I stack them to hold the dust catcher tube, higher or lower, according to the need. Sometimes one or two braces my hand or is used for resting the carving upon. They are proving to be very useful, but I use the carving peg and white malleable tacky pad the most. I have yet to try the "nupsi" style tool.



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Hallo Janel,


its a sewing machine table.


I made 4 wheels under it and it has one ! electric cable only with plug. So I can go outside with my table, just need a socket.


If there would be an electric dustcatcher , he could swollow small pieces or burs. I just wipe the dust into it with my hand or a broom .


The table is always clean. ----my wife likes that , cause I sit in the living room.


The hirado wasp is fixed to the pouch. There is no space between peach and legs.


Greetings, Hako

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