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"Aphrodite Aphrodite" marble


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Hello all,


this post is in regards to Aphrodite Aphrodite marble (yes, what a stupid nomenclature, who's the creative genius who thought up with this gem?).

I have recently purchased 3 big chunks of it and I will be starting work on it: http://stoneartsofalaska.com/aphroditephoto.htm - scroll down the page and see what the rock looks like when polished.

I was insipired by the works of Joanne Duby, one in particular called "Leaves of time": http://www.joanneduby.com/duby-home.htm

Amazing work.

The question: has anyone worked with this material before? Any advice you can offer? I feel it is almost sacrilegious to carve this type of 'geologically rich' rock for the purpose of a lowly sculpture, so I don't want to &^%^ up mother nature's precious work.

Thanks in advance.

Cordial regards,




PS: apparently the fossil portions of the stone are much softer than the adjoining marble and the rock itself can be very fractured and fragile, requiring that you keep glue at the ready. Final sanding and polishing is also a job to keep the surfaces flat without 'denting in' the softer fossil portions. That's all I know.

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I was just looking around for anyone doing work that relates to what I am trying to do. (Aren't we all).


Do you have any updates on this post? I am curious to know what kind of equipment and technique you used to refine your work?



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