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Jade Letter Opener?

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Here's a piece I'm working on - I guess I'll call it a letter opener though really it's just a personal object. The metal work is in gold - still not fitted quite - the body or handle is pink ivory wood - the blade is Siberian Nephrite Jade - the stone at the top is tourmaline. I hope to have it all together soon. Any critique is welcome.






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Hi Magnus,


Thank you for posting images of your work. Are we looking at two different versions of the same piece? The left image has a dark element between the blade and the body and at the top, and the right two have metal in those spots. (The color is different also, but that can be due to lighting.)


Having the opportunity to see two versions, one with a singular detail element as the body or handle, and the other with multiple elements, two very different pieces are presented. The left version emphasizes the carving of the body, allowing the eye to travel around the different parts of the composition. The right version, for my own perception, is much more complex and my eye does not settle on any one part. What ties it together is the celtic design concept, while the different materials and colors are strongly different.


Some questions for you: For you, do all of the elements hold together visually when you have this in your hand? Is there some patination planned that might unify the different material elements? (Is it possible to apply patina to gold?)


I hope that you will post images of what this piece becomes. Thank you for sharing this as you are working on it.



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Hello All,


Thank you Mike R. - my process of working is pretty much organic and what I strive to capture is a natural feeling in abstracted forms - this piece "feels good" to me - the flow is mostly right, (though it gets a little constricted along one side of the piece where I added an element I had used before and it came off slightly "forced" or "contrived").

Thanks Janel,

The color differences are from camera/light reading - I don't have a good set up for photographing this size and then the reflective metal wants things different than the wood, etc. The dark elements in the first shot are wax - later finished and cast into the gold - I just really liked that view so I posted it (I should have given an explanation). As to the busy qualities of the piece in the gold, I think it works better in person in this case than in the photos - it is complex however and is meant to be taken in over time. I'm hoping these new photos of the mostly finished piece will help. Let me know what you think - I always enjoy your comments and insights.

Thanks Mike G.

Glad you are here with us - I'm looking forward to seeing some of your own work.

Thanks John - I'm glad you like it. And you are right - it's a better nail cleaner but letter opener sounds a little nicer.








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