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:) Hello, busy carving folks!! Some kind of an 'ants nest' over here :D! I'm Paul, a 45 years old stone sculptor from Belgium (East-Flanders). I just registered here some days ago, glad that I found this great community of 'creativo's' B). For me (like for the most of us, I guess) it all began from early childhood, one could always find me outdoors or in our garden at home, cutting sticks and branches with my pocket knife (when I wasn't 'customizing' my bicycle). On rainy days, I was drawing& painting much more frequently than the average kid. When bored, I mostly took things apart and tried to make something else out of the components. Later, as a teenager I went to the local Art-academy for drawing lessons, but only for two years because I was sick & tired of drawing the "plaster copies" of Roman sculptures. From that moment on I've been 'self-thaught'. Later on (in my twenties) I started an 'Artistic Tattooing' carreer based on my artisan skills, and the last 10 years I added stone sculpting on my list. Metal engraving, scrimshaw and bone carving are my latest new interests (however it all feels a bit 'familliar' to me). Carving is a form of sculpting but on a smaller scale, which doesn't make it easier !! I'll post some recent photo's soon. Keep up the creative spirit, folks ! :) Kind regards, Paul (personal web gallery: http://www.paulholbrecht.net)
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