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auld new member

John A.

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Just a short hullo from Glenrothes, Scotland.

I started carving wood at 67 years of age, now at 70 I'd like to try carving vegetable ivory.

That the reason I joined this forum. So look out for questions.

I've only one remaining brain cell so need a fair bit of advice.



John A



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Hello John and an unofficial welcome to the Carving Path Forum.


I started carving tongua nut, then wood, and then stone. Are you intending to use a power tool to carve the tongua? I personally use a Dremel and a Grobet (a tool like a Foredom) with a flexible shaft. I live in Houston, Texas (sister city to Aberdeen, believe it or not) and last year we had a hurricane and I had no electricity for about a week and a half. I carved a tongua nut with hand tools then, having nothing else to do but guard the house from potential looters. She's here on this website (named Tina). Go to the "members" button at the top right hand side of the page, and go to the second page of my posts, about the third or fourth post down and you can see her.


Just warning you, if you use a power tool, wear a mask. That dusk really makes your lungs hurt. Good luck!


Debbie K

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