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"Whimsy matters" -- Aimee Mullins

Professor Rhubarb

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I thought my fellow carvers would appreciate these beauties;




These prosthetic legs were designed and carved for Aimee Mullins, a very inspirational athlete, actor, and activist. Not only does this redefine what the body can be, which was Aimee's intent, I thought it might also inspire the artists here and redefine what kind of subjects/objects we carve and the roles they play in the world. I think this is the embodiment of form meeting function.


The legs are made of solid ash, are hand-carved and show grapevines and magnolias. She wore these in a fashion show and everyone thought she was wearing boots.


"Pamela Anderson has more prosthetic in her body than I do-- nobody calls her disabled." -- Aimee Mullins :P

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