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I'm back...


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I had gotten out of the habit of dropping by this Forum. I don't have near the spare cash that I thought that I would, once my disability got started.


Bone and Antler Carving were among several new endeavors that I'd meant to try soon--that I ended up putting on indefinite hold...


And many times it takes a few days to accumulate any great amount of New Posts Here--So I got in the habit of just coming by every few days--


And then, I kinda forgot...


But I hadn't really forgotten. Several times someone on one of my other Forums, wanted to learn about Carving--and I invariably sent them here with a glowing endorsement.


When my Mother was still alive, I often told her what a wonderment the internet is.


I tend to be a sort of Internet Bumble Bee--always flittering from one Forum to the next--and since I have a good memory; I often bring about some "Cross-Fertilization".


But it is amazing to me, how many important people; well respected in their field--Sometimes the Very Best there is, in their field--and I am on speaking--at least "Forum-Talking"--terms with them.


And in many fields, my questions and opinions are well respected.


This Forum is like that. As far as I'm concerned--Janel; and at least a dozen of y'all--are top-notch Sculpters and Carvers of Small images (Netsuke and many non-Netsuke small pieces) (and I ain't implying that some of you aren't great at larger works too...)


Seriously--many of you are Master Craftsmen and True Artists__GREAT ARTISTS!!!


And I come back, and find out that in my absense, y'all been fightin'; Spattin'; Feuding and Banning Folks.


I don't know the ins and outs.


I don't need to.


I do know that it is a terrible thing when such gifted people feel compelled to waste time and energy Quarelling.


My Art is not as far along as some (most) of y'all's...


But I'm Arrogant enough to believe that I could be that good eventually--but it takes many, many hours; and I'm startin' way late in life.


Point is: You can't--Can Not--hurt my feelings; or make me Angry (or Depressed--OR Retalitory)...


Because all this stuff is largelySubjective...


That's a big word. Make sure that you understand it.


I like the taste of Liver--so do some of y'all. Some of you wouldn't eat Liver on a Dare. If you don't like Liver; you ain't gonna like anything the chef does with it.


That's no reason for us to fight. Hey, I'll eat my Fried Liver and your's too. If they bring us any ground beef; you can have mine.


Don't like my work? You think it looks like something a Spstic Chimpanzee might produce?


Well hey, that's cool. Once you shake off the nausea my work caused you, maybe we can go Fishing--or to the Art Gallery together.


Grow a little thicker skin...


.....RVM45 :PB):):)

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