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New to Carving


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My name is Penny and I like to think of myself as an artist, although I haven't got any qualifications (other than a B in Art GCSE yet). I work with lots of different media (at the moment mainly fabrics as I have a company called Tiny Oyster Designs where I design and make one off plush items). However I have applied to a few Art Schools so am waiting to hear whether I will be accepted (working on my sketch book as we speak) and hopefully will be able to expand on my current skills.


I love statues and carvings. I found Janel Jacobson's work when I was doing my GCSE Art and used her as an example of Natural Art in my sketch book. To be able to have the skill to carve a peach pip that intricately just knocks me for six!


I am hoping that if I get accepted onto an Art course I will be able to specify in carving on a small scale and hopefully will be able to learn some of the skills to allow me to carve such beautiful works out of such small items.


I live in Dorset at the moment right on the coast, but have applied for schools in Plymouth UK, so fingers crossed will be moving there in September.


Thanks for having me here



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