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turbo carver

matthew parkinson

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I have two high speed hand pieces 1 is a powercrafter (very happy with this one and the service from the comp.) the other is/was a turbo carver I have had this one for a about 8 months and was very happy with it as it's light weight and small size made it very nice to use for sketching in designs for deeper carving and for the limited amount of engraving I do. (mostly signing/dating blades and such)

I hadn't really used it all that much over the last 4 months due to the type of work that I had in the shop this changed in the last 3 weeks or so and the amount I was using this tool went up. until Friday when I noticed that tone on the tool was changing (the pitch was dropping and rising randomly) I assumed that the RMP was also changing in trying to figure out why this was happening I found that the bearings are gone and the burr now has almost a 1/16th" of play (on a 1/16" burr) the tool is not disassemble-able and seems to be shot , the warranty was up 3 months ago.

I have not contacted the comp yet but I am unsure what to do as I really liked using this tool but do not want to replace it every year. my powercrafter will do all of the same work of this tool but as I said I like the light weight of this one. Has any one else had any experience with this tool good or bad? did I just get a bad one?

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