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(Posted by Janel for Cornel)



Hello All,


I finally finished my winterwork, a few days old turtle.

Carved out of one piece of boxwood, the eyes are made of buffalo horn.


Turtle 51x44mm / bark 93mm long

Case is turned from ebony, with mother of pearl inlays

diameter,127mm / height,185mm























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This piece is absolute perfection. I want you to know how much I enjoy your work, especially this piece and the orange and snail you posted a while ago. Sometimes, when looking at this site, it can be discouraging when others work is so highly advanced, as yours is. But I went to your website and looked at your work, and I see that even you got better as time went on.


Thank you for sharing this work with all of us, it gives us something to strive for.


Debbie K

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Thank You all for this feedback, I am very delighted about ,

after so long working on it in the ivory tower....... :)


Debbie, if my work could be little bit a motivation and

inspiration, it would be the best reaction.


Professor, this one should be a few days old greece turtle......



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Hi Cornel!

Is there a limit of perfection? Every time You raise this limit higher and higher! :unsure: Your turtle is alive and wonderful!

The owner was very happy to get it! He called it Miracle! :D My congratulations!

With deepest respect!

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Hi Naomi and Yloh,


Thank You for your comments, I am very delighted :unsure:



Dear Natasha,


Nice to see You here and thank You for your remarkable compliments..... :D

I could give You back the same question, if I have a look on your creations......


I wish You all a wonderful and creative week !!!



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