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Introduction from Sydney Australia

Whimsical Wood

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Hi Everyone,


My name is David Stanley, I live in Sydney, Australia and am delighted to have joined this forum.


I have begun carving welsh lovespoons (two spoons so far). My carving interests tend toward smaller scale carvings, along with a number of other woodcraft interests. I have done only a little carving so far, but I would contend that welsh lovespoon carving, is according to its historical nature at least, an art that is uniquely meant for beginners.


I have already been inspired by the work I have seen on this forum and have a good hope that my own work can only be improved by exposure to what I see here.


Thank you for the forum, David.


Welsh lovespoon Carved from one piece, (the rule for the lovespoon tradition) of rock maple.


post-2493-1273637317.jpg post-2493-1273637350.jpg post-2493-1273637385.jpg

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Welcome David,


This complex carving appears to be beautifully executed. I can imagine holding one's breath with many of the steps taken towards completion! Thank you for introducing yourself, and welcome to the forum.



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