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Hi everyone

Mark Noll

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Hi from sunny Florida.


My name is Mark Noll. I am 48, or will be soon anyway, and I currently carve jewelry from exotic woods. I am always eager to learn and hope that this forum can be a means to improving my work. I am already inspired by the work I have seen on here, so I hope that those eager to share can guide me as I have questions.


My current body of work involves inlays. I mainly work with wood, but I have new designs for including Sterling and stones.


I will attempt to attach a few photos and hope that anyone interested can give me their honest feedback.


The first photo is my version of the Maori Twist carved in Ebony.

The second is another piece inspired by Maori carvings, it is carved from Vera Wood. It also has a carved wood clasp.

The third is an Ebony pendant inlaid with Snakewood.

The fourth is dyed Tiger Maple it is about 14" tall.

The last one is an Ebony pendant inlaid with Snakewood.


Mark Noll

Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA






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Hi Mark,


Welcome to The Carving Path forum!


Thank you also for posting photos of your work. Might you be able to put captions by or notes about the pieces so that we might know what the materials the pieces are carved from?



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