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Introducing myself

Sandy Seton-Browne

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am a 54 year old child and adolescent psychiatrist working in Scarborough Horth Yorkshire in the UK.


Discovered a way fro me to be creative in New Zealand in 1998/9 when spent a few months there.


Bone carving on and off since but mostly off for the last sesveral years due to work pressures and the patter of tiny feet - my daughter 10 and son 6 both of whom are wanting to learn to carve as well.


Finding more time now so am back at the bench and enjoying myself working in bone, and ebony using some silver/copper/ebony/shell inlays and now more into small sculpture than the pendants/brooches I was making 6 or 7 years ago.


Mixed state of intimidation by the quality of the work here - decided to use it as a positive to aim for rather than giving in up in the belief I could never get that good! Other part is excited by the friendly way people help each other here and the freedom with which advice etc is available while also allowing folks to work out heir own solutions once have been pointed in the right direction - I now have several more tools that work rather than having to put up with what I could buy.


Interested in bone/small sculpures/celtic/anglo saxon design etc and looking forward to being a sponge!!


Thanks for having me as they say




I am a boy by the way Sandy is a Scots form of Alexander - in England people assume Sandy is a female name after Sandie Shaw who used to sing barefoot in the sixties

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Yes lots of scots blood so much that as Billie Connolly used to say I am blue it takes me two weeks in the sun just to go white!!


We go back to the Bruce apparently although my dad who is the genealogist seems to think that there is some 7th century welsh king in it some where.


My mother's family are all Fifers


I am an anglo having never managed to live in scotland for more than six months

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