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Hello Everyone

Cris Anderson

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Hello everyone!


My name is Cris Anderson. Some of you may know me from Don Fogg's bladesmithing forum. I'm a relatively inexperienced bladesmith (I prefer the Japanese style), and have always been interested in making my own fittings. I've always lurked around this board, soaking up the inspiration and beauty...but recently I've lucked into a more stable area in which to work, and so am hoping to take a more active role =D.


Anyway, thank you for the wonderful site, for the opportunity to learn...and most of all, for having me as a member.



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Welcome to TCP. Always room for one more. Show us some photo's of your work, we like to see other people's stuff.


Thank you =D.


As for my own work...there's nothing really of a level to qualify for this site lol, I've only made a few blades. If you'd like to see some of them though, I'm happy to show them:



My first knife...forged from a rail road spike...





My first Japanese style blade...third blade overall...











And my most recent blade (my fourth)...a 25" nagasa ko-katana...still a work in progress...



Just a few blades sans fittings. After about a year break I'm finally back to work in the forge again though...it's a nice feeling. I'm hoping to make the tsuba, fuchi, and kashira for the little katana from some nice wagon wheel wrought iron I have. I'm not 100% sure how to go about it...but I've got a few ideas =D.


Anyway, thank you both for your kind words, and your interest!



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