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Hi folks,


Wanted to share the following information:


I will be instructing through the new video school Chris DeCamillis recently announced over on the Engraver's Cafe.

This technology is cool and amazing. I have checked out the live video with Chris & it is almost unbelievable!!

The student will be able via computer to receive live instruction with a Master engraver (there are several to choose from) in the comfort of his or her own shop/home. Class size is limited to five and, it does require a computer which meets the specs and also, a little computer skill (not too much or I couldn't do it!).


In the beginning, I will be offering the following classes on American Scroll:


Basic American Scroll Design and Theory

Nine hours total, classes held in the evenings over three days

In this class we will discuss how to effectively understand and work in this engraving style as it was specifically applied to firearms.

The learning objective for this class is as follows:

To define, recognize and understand classic American style scroll engraving; to lay a foundation which will equip the student with the skills, knowledge and ability necessary to create his own unique designs, layouts and engraving patterns


We will study engraving and design from several of the recognized old-time Masters of the art; Nimschke, Helfricht and the Ulrich's. We'll take an in-depth look, break it down to the basics and learn what it takes to put it all back together. Hopefully by the end you'll have a real good understanding of how to"speak" American scroll!

Advanced American Scroll Design and Theory

Nine hours total, classes held in the evenings over three days

Builds on the Basic class & has the same learning objective. Deals with the more advanced aspects of the American style scroll. Basic class recommended and encouraged but not absolutely required.


Due to my shift schedule at the firehouse, I plan on doing three classes a week. A typical schedule will go something like this: class on Monday & Tuesday evenings, student practice on Thursday & class again on Friday evening. It will vary some but that will give you the general idea.


If you are seriously interested in taking a class please pm or email me for further information.

I can handle no more than five students at a time per class so, if you want to be in the first wave....let me know.


I anticipate starting up around the first of August and am building the student list now.


Other classes I will offer:


Cuff Bracelet Basics (9 hour class over three days)

Everything I know about making and engraving Cuffs (I've done about 400 so far) packed into 9 hours!

Basic Hammer and Chisel Engraving (this will be a much longer, more in-depth class)


For more info on the school go here:






Weldon Lister

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