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Two Pheasants


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Dear Natasha !


This is again a wonderful piece :)

You show a big talent in ryusa-design !!!


By the way, You are an almost high speed carver...... :blush:


I wish You very sharp eyes, silent hands and many exciting ideas also for the future !



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Hi Natasha,


The carving shows great technique and a great talent at using them.

But, if I may, and that's my uttermost honest feeling about your piece, the colouring process seems somehow to decrease the fine aspects of the details, or it might just be the compression of the picture.



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Warm greetings, Natasha ...


Gorgeous piece, as always! I've never tried this format. It would be fun to try something in mammoth tusk like this!I love the depth, layering, and use of the various techniques for the coloring and shading. Do you have some photos of it before it was colored? Or, perhaps it was in an earlier post?


Best regards,


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