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A few netsuke

Ko Baas

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Hello all,


My last post has been a while ago, but I'm always looking what's going on here.


I would like to show a few recent carvings. Of antler and horn. I mostly carve in boxwood but like to try other materials if I can get them.


The first is a tip of a horn carved in the shape of a folded leaf with a cicada on it. 8 cm long.

Carving horn is not easy I think. Details are very difficult. Finishing is a nightmare.

This piece of horn has a lot internal cracks as is often the case.






The next is a horn carp carved from the tip of a large black horn. Not waterbuffalo.

A very coarse grained sort of horn.

I didn't carve a himotoshi, so it's an okimono. 10 cm long. Double inlayed eyes.






The last is a dragon in clouds caved from a piece of stag antler. 5,5 cm long.






Hope you enjoy them.



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Hello Ko!

Thank You for posting these interesting carvings! I wonder what kind of horn have You used for the cicada? It looks so unusual and very fine! :) I know horns are not the best raw materials and to polish details is a huge head-ache! You have done a great work! :blush: I do like your netsuke!

If it is possible can You show more details of Cicada?

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Thank you Natasha,


I don't know what kind of horn it is. I bought it on a flea market and it looked like a sort of cow horn.

It is build up in layers (like an onion) and these layers separate in some places. This piece has nice colors so I carved the cicada from the light part.


I made some detail photo's for you. About 3 times life size mind you.







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