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Janel - Kagami-buta

Don Barnhill

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Hi Don,


Yes, I used the lathe for both the bowl and the lid. I drilled a single exit hole out the bottom center of the bowl while it was spinning on the lathe. The lid was turned with a nubbin that later was shaped and drilled through for the cord to exit. Do remember to plan for the cord to be in the bowl space it will end up pushing the lid out of place. Also ahead of time, test drill holes to see what diameter fits the cord you have. The himotoshi in the bowl should be a little snug but not extremely tight so that the lid won't twirl around and pop out.


The bowl and lid were very carefully made to fit. I used at the very end fitting, tools from the carving bench, though they are not strong enough to be used as turning tools. The material removal was just a whisper each time the tools touched wood or mammoth tusk. Having a calipers with an electronic read-out helped also.


I hope that this helps a little bit. There are many challenges ahead!



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