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finished snowshoe rabbit

Mark Strom

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I posted this project in progress months ago and finally finished it. The panel is basswood with one application of wood bleach and then finished with water white lacquer. The color did not come through well in the photograph but it is almost bone white.


Not sure if Iam going to use a frame or some type of back panel to make for a finer presentation. Overall I am happy with the outcome but if done again would add 6" of landscape to the left of the rabbit. I just like the longer look.


Any critique or comments welcome.





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Hello Mark!


It is very good to see this completed. The textures used for the different elements work well together. The smooth yet undulating surface of the snow has such a soft look to it, as does the fur of the rabbit. The snow as it clings to the rough bark of the tree has a fluid quality. The shadows from the branches that were carved free from the background adds to the overall affect of the scene.


You are right about the extra inches in length. This dimension is good for now, but exaggerating the length sounds like a good idea. If you used the same composition I wonder though if that would totally center the tree trunk and as such make the composition oddly weighted.


It is a pleasure to see your work again! Thank you for posting these photos.



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Hi Mark,


You have drawn me out of the shadows with this piece.


I love this piece. The combination of high and low relief, and textures are quite stunning. Also, I think this is the firs time that I have seen snow successfully interpreted in a wood sculpture. Well done!!


With regards to your self critique, I would only add more to the left side if you took some off the right. I think that the composition is more interesting, and works better if the subject is not centered. This follows the "rule of thirds" approach, as well as Japanese composition in design, of which I am sure you are aware. In any case, I like it the way it is.


Your work reminds me of contemporary Japanese wood sculpture being produced in Inami.


Best regards,



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Thanks so much for the kind comments.


The whole carving was about the tree and the snow. Part of a new series and exploration of mine. I am thrilled that the intent came through and from your comments, successfully too. Again thank you for the approval.


As for the adding of extra length, I like a long rectangle in most of my work . My guess to get the off centered look I like was 6" but it is more like 9" to 10" after measuring...there is always the next one.


The next one is in the early stages with design work done already and now the layout has started. This one is also about the tree and I am trying to take a nature scene and present in a whole new way. This one will be off center in more ways than one.


Phil, I would love to see these carvings you describe. Could you send me links or direct me to some kind of material to pictures?



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