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Looking for Hippo Tusk

Brett the bonecarver

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Hi Brett,


Here's a company in Washington (the state, not the puzzle palace) USA, who sells hippo tusks, as well as other ivory, walrus jaws, horns of various species, all kinds of neat stuff.




Have no idea what CITES difficulties there are for hippo import into NZ.


PS - Love your work! Nice to see you join the forum...

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Hippo tusk can legally be purchsed from Atlantic Coral Enterprises in Saint Augustine, Florida. They have a huge portal on EBAY. I recently purchased a large tusk, well over a pound, and recieved it promptly. It was free of any cracks, and was 100% solid. They also offer Warthog tusk, horn and antler findings.



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Hi Harley,


I soak them in muriatic acid. Takes about 20-30 minutes, maybe more depending on the thickness of the enamel. There's a scum of soft, sticky and yucky material left on the surface that I scrape off with something hard and expendable. After the yuck is scraped off, I'd soak them in water with baking soda to neutralize the acid. I don't have to tell you to wear rubber gloves and eye protection with the acid, right?


PS You can use wax resists and the muriatic acid and etch the enamel where the wax isn't for some interesting effects.


PPS Vinegar would work also, but take longer. However, I would worry about water soaking in during long imersions and then cracking the ivory during drying.

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Does anyone have a contact for Hippo tusk? I'm trying to find out about the restrictions etc via CITES to import some to NZ. Would be keen to find one or two. This is one of the few ivories I havn't tried yet. Also keen on the South African warthog tusk, lovely stuff.

Peace, Brett

Hi Brett, You can find all sorts of legal African game products on ebay under the following store:


Altantic Coral Bay Enterprises or Altanticoralbay.com


their e-mail is Atlanticcoralbay@aol.com mention my name, I am big customer.


The hippo tusks sell for about $80 US a pound. The tusks range from about one pound

to two and a half pounds which are rarer. I have found that the tusks are pure white

when you get past the very hard enamel. They also sell many boar's tusks, all sorts

of horns and antlers. You can also find shell materials in good supply, mother of pearl,

conch or whatever you need. If you have questions you can e-mail me blakeart2@earthlink.net

ebay is a pretty good source for most materials but don't buy mammoth tusks...I got burned

pretty bad a couple times. You can buy with confidence from IJTRADE.com, they are my supplier

for mammoth ivory. You will see the selection on their website. Just mention my name when you

correspond with them, maybe they will give you a special price on grade A material. I hope

I have been of some help in you materials' search. Regards, Bradford Blakely

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