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Ezekiel Hughes

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Welcome Zeke.

I am a glass carver and am teching myself by trial and error. More error than trial I think at times. However, that is beside the point and I am also looking at embedding stones in the work that I do as well, so am reading quite a bit about all sorts of work that is done on here.

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hi ,welcome to the forum ,I carve in anything but my passion is jade ,in particular guatemalan jade because is very hard and dense ,is great to carve,if you need any advice or any thing that I can be of any assistant to you feel free to ask , :)



LOL...i think i screwed up sending the PM to you Dante...so here is what i was trying to send:


Hi Dante, they weren't jade forums...just rockhounding forums and whatnot. there is a jade forum I like alot though...PacificjadeArt.com....mostly californian folk and not very active. just a bunch of jade folk sharing thier stones and stories...some talk about carving and the geology of jade too. if you register there you have to let me know your user name so they can approve you. There are also some groups on Facebook:


















If you "friend" enough jade folk on Facebook, facebook becomes a sort of jade forum...i find i spend most of my time talking jade there now. it would be nice to see more folks who work with the Guatemalan jades on these forums...I'm sure it has something to do with the language barrier.







Mostly concerned with archaic chinese jades, but still a great forum.


if you friend me on facebook (Ezekiel hughes) i can suggest a lot of friends that are jade folk that are always posting thier jades and carvings and talking shop.



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