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Hi my name is Daniel Lopacki (Danny) I have been active in lapidary and jewelry since 1977. Went into it as a livelihood full time in 1978 and never regretted it. Doing such has allowed me to follow many dreams and live a life style that most would envy. A truly blessed man.


It is kind of hard for me to say I am much of a carver as I did most of my small carving in the early years 1980-1982, I have posted images of a few pieces from this time period for you all to see.


For the past fifteen or so years I have been running a diamond tool business that has allowed little time for my art work, this is going to change in the very near future as a new studio is being built and it is nearly done, it has been ten years since I have had a studio to just walk in to and I can assure you that I am getting pretty excited.


Once the new studio is up and running I will be doing some Jade carving along with the beads and Jewelry I’ve always done, I have collected quite a bit of very nice Jade that is crying out to be made into something beautiful, so the challenge is before me once I’m up and running. As I make the new pieces I will post them on this forum for all to see.


My lapidary art work and carvings can be seen at this link http://www.lopacki.com/art/ If you would like to see what the new studio is looking like go to this link

http://www.lopacki.com/studio/ I have not posted new images of the studio for about a week and plan on putting a few more up over this weekend.


Thanks Kenneth for telling me about this forum, hopefully I’ll be able to give some insightful thoughts and advice as time goes by.


All my best ..... Danny


P.S. All carvings below are fossil walrus ivory with the exception of the large whale tooth. Needless to say I like frogs!!











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So glad you joined! I hadn't seen these particular carvings of yours before. I've looked around on your website before, and I refer many people to you, especially for your diamond grit and paste. I've been teaching a few people to do gemstone carving, and there is no place left locally that sells any supplies. Unbelieveable, in a way, that this is the case. Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. and there are no local lapidary suppliers.



I really like the fish and frogs. Very nicely done.


This is what I do: http://picasaweb.google.com/deborahkirkpatrick56. I have 4 other pieces that I've finished recently but haven't taken any pictures of them yet, when I do I'll post them.


I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!


Debbie K

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