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hello again


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Hi everyone, I used to be here some years ago, and have since kept an eye on things. I started carving netsuke in 1997 as a consequence of being a restorer of carvings, particularly small scale stuff, and thought I'd rise to the challenge of the netsuke form. I was hooked, kept going for a while until I thought I'd got something worthwhile, then got busy elsewhere, principally teaching.


Now I've retired from teaching I intend to focus on carving again, have a website, get rich and famous like everyone here. :rolleyes:


The work of my own I enjoy most is the sort you might pick up from the forest floor - is this natural or has it been made? I like that edge.


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Welcome to The Carving Path Larry, or maybe welcome back?


Thank you for posting the photo of the pod. Could we see another side of the carving? Is this boxwood? I like the sense of fullness of the form and the definition between one lobe and the next.



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