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Hello from New Zealand


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Hello everyone,


My name is Wayne I'm happily married with two teenage kids and I've been mainly carving with chainsaws for the last 20 years and have enjoyed developing my skills in that area but am now looking to develop my skills in finer sculptures. I'm currently working on my first effort in this area and even though it's not as small as a lot of the fantastic work on this site it is in a direction that I want to develop. Hopefully I'll work out how to crop the photos and post them for you to see and get your opinion on. I still have to work for a living but I would love to one day be able to make a living from my sculpting because after my family it's something I have a big passion for.


I'm a keen on hunting and fishing and this is were I draw a lot of my inspiration from. Thank you for all the great information and work that is on show here it's not only very informative but very inspirational as well.


Cheers for now!



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