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Dereks' intro

Derek Pendleton

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Hello all,


I have been skulking around this forum like a stray dog, for several months. I have been an admirer of Janels work for years, and like a moth to a flame, have been drawn closer and closer. I have been a sculptor since childhood, a professional sculptor for about twenty years, currently working in the film industry.


I have always enjoyed small work, modeling primarily, but most work out here involves carving, huge carving, in various foams. Now I rarely use clay or wax, and have embraced carving for its instant perminance. I don't have any photos ready to post, and this being the first forum I ever wanted to join, need to learn the ropes of navigating, but will share asap.


This forum has been a portal into a new world for me, and wish to extend my thanks to all members involved. The level of artistic achievement in this group is both exciting and humbling. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and keep it all coming.

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Thank you Derek, and thanks for your introduction, though it was only a tease. I look forward to learning more about you and to what you will show us when you are ready.


"This forum has been a portal into a new world for me..." What a great thought to read, and a great compliment to the group.




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