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some progress on my jade journey


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here are a few of some of my latest carvings. I utilized many polishing and sanding techniques while making these, from mostly sandpaper to diamond paste and silicon carbide slip sticks.

lots of info i have learned about carving jade has came from TCP so thanks alot to those who have helped here and there!:rolleyes:










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hi whell don you are geting there mate,just one tip wen you make somthing on top of something ellse I recomend too use e inverted cone shape beet to ad volume dont use estraigth beet it make it look steaf, after you are don whit all the carving, is like using e black pencil to remark all the out lines on e drawing, it give more definition to the carving ,an it looks nice, in the begining I do the same, but onestly is becouse I was layse to polish more doficult spots, but really is that dificult wans you try ,hope this helps :lol::P

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thanks billy!! good thing u started working jade!! u will love it, such a rewarding stone. last week i was in California for the jade workshop with donn salt. it put a whole new perspective on everything that i was doing especially for finishing.. when a carving was nearing completion you made it look like the shape was as finished as it could be with your burs, then we went to 360 silicon carbide sticks and started hand sanding. it was surprising how much of a different affect the sticks have. it gives you a nice flowing shape that your cant really get with out them. after allll tool markes were removed and any eye sores, and quick sticking with 600 was done. when i was sanding stuff before the shop i would always try to get the pad with sandpaper running as fasttt as i could and up to a 2000 grit sandpaper. donn would sand only 600 grit at a very slow speed. starting wet and working dry. I was very surprised how well it worked!! its great!! and from that low gloss polish you could polish it to a high polish with tin oxide..

as for diamond pastes. i used them when i needed to get into a spot that i wanted to be shinny but could really get in that spot with a buff .the diamond paste is diamond mixed in something, not sure what it is but I mix the paste with vaseline a little bit helps it stick to the bit. and use copper dowels as the bit to carry the paste and shape it to the shape you need. wood is good too.


thanks alot dante!:) its always great to get tips from an awesome carver like you!!i took the advice you gave about carving one thing ontop of another. it did look fairly lifeless like you said, i added some undercutting to the tendril to make it look more 3d, it looks heaps better!!:) thankss! oh by the way i love that pendant you put up on jade carver direct on facebook, it loooks soo awesome!!


heres the 2 pieces i was started at the jade workshop but couldnt finish there




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