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For Audie Opal polishing


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As the thread I'd left some info on to you is getting so long I figured it best to just start a new thread.


In the other thread you said

"I haven't tried the oil trick and can't on the Aussie opals. Have been told oil turns the opal yellow? I could sacrifice a Welo and see what happens. Maybe there isn't enough lubrication and that is where the uneveness of polish is coming into play."


My reply


I have been cutting Australian Opal since 1977 and have been using a diamond and oil mixture on it for at least 30 years for polishing. I have never had an Opal yellow from this and have cut Opal all the way from white base to the best crystal at 200USD a gram. I think you have been mislead and should give it a try its the best thing there is for getting the best Polish on your Opal. I have found that oil diamond mix on wood is heatless so there is no fear of cracking the Opal. After polishing just wash the Opal in a good grease cutting detergent you will love the results.


P.S. Hydrophane Opal will in fact absorb the oil, so don't experiment on the Wello


If you go back to that thread you will see a few images I put there with oil diamond polished Opal in finished pieces. A buckle and eight strands of Opal beads


Below you will see two sculptural cut Opals the second is from early production when they started to mine Lambina/7 water holes about 1995. The early Opal looked so much like Andamooka that some of it was in fact marketed as Andamooka until it came out that it was Lambina. This particular stone was given to me as a kicker when I helped a friend in selling quite a bit of the stone in this first large parcel to be seen in the U.S. I fell in love with this stone and sculpted it into the finished piece for my wife. This piece was finished out with the diamond and oil.


The first stone is a fossil Opal shell from Cobber Pedy, I just sculpted it around the edges and then went after it with burrs and homemade wood tools, this piece was finished out with the diamond and oil.


I looked at your closeups of your Opals, it seems to me that you are not quite finishing lower parts of the stone prior to polishing and this is why your unevenness.


Hope this is of some help to you .......... All my best ...... Danny


Sorry the images are displaying so large I forgot to reduce the height prior to posting.






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