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Red Lily


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My thanks to you all. Without your patient viewings and encouragements, I would still be waiting to witness the response of someone looking at this piece. It feels very good, and I thank you. I just wish that you could each hold it and answer the questions you have that only touching and turning it around might give you. Sigh.


I have begun another piece and am working on the finish for the dragonfly with figured maple base. Cross your fingers for the finish application. I'm very new at it.


I must have described various ways to create/apply color, but if not here on TCP, then I've typed it and assumed...


I use artist's oil paint, having decided long ago to not use fabric dyes that other carvers of netsuke have learned to use. I like the range of colors that oil paints are capable of, and that there is flexibility with the application. To be sure, it is mostly a surface application, very little soaks into boxwood. I enjoyed using oils long ago while learning to paint in college, and still enjoy them. If you want to delve into details, write to me privately and I'll answer questions.


Thank you all again. It means a great deal to me to read your responses. One needs a pat on the back now and then.



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