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carving pounamu

andrew S

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I am going to New Zealand for a week next January to see how jade carving is done. I am currently learning to carve in China. It is fantastic fun but because of the language barrier progress is really slow. I can converse in chinese about techniques, materials etc but have no idea of the terminology in English. Can anyone advise me on where I should go in New Zealand just to have a look at people carving, who I could talk to and swap notes with, where I should stay, and maybe what DVDs are available. I am on a limited budget but really looking forward to coming. I have been to nz once before and loved it. if i was younger i would emigrate. if anyone wants to see what i am doing they can visit my website at jadefiend.com (don't worry, i am not selling anything, its just an information resource on chinese jade)

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