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Hi from France

Charles DUBANT

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Good morning everybody,


I'm new on the forum but glad I've found it. I have been interested in bone carving for about a year (well before I didn't even thought about it), back from Tahiti to see my uncle & aunt, I decided to give it a try.

My first contact with bone carving was there, where I met a tattooist / bone carver named Patrick Laux (Patu). He showed me his work and then I told me "this is what I wanna do from now on".


I bought a dremel (power tool) and sand paper to get started and also became friend with my butcher... well, the first time he clearly tought I was a weird freak but whatever he gave me bone without knowing what I was about to carve in it :)


I did my first carving which was a "hair pick" (I don't know how to say it in english to be honest) with gross carving but it did the trick and people liked it.




As for me, I loved it, it was my very first carving, I still love it even if I know now that it was barely carving, I would say almost raw bone. Whatever I went on with this hobby and I'm still very keen on it.


Then I wanted to get advices and some hints/tips from pro carvers and couldn't find any. Afterwards I read an article on the internet with a link to Natascha Popova's website and I immediately decided to contact her, she has been very nice to me and gave me a lot of tips and photos to show me how she "hand" carves... Since then I started to hand-carve, before I did everything with power tools with some poor results because of the lack of control the use of power tools induce... She also told me about this forum so here I am.


Thank you in advance,

Charles DUBANT.


PS : I'm going to create a topic to show the new hair pick I worked on yesterday (public holiday in France)

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Hi and thanks,


Yes this was mi first piece a year ago. You can see some of my work on the blog I created http://matau.free.fr. My last one is the one I posted in the "Show your work" (or something like that :) ) section of the forum.

Thanks again and can you give me a link to your work? Your avatar image seems really amazing, did you do it?



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Like the website images.

My stuff is under New members about a page and a half ago.

there are some expert bone carvers on this site and a lot of good advice is available as well as good advice from every one else.

My avatar is my last creation based on a chinese jade that i saw on the cover of National Geographic.

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