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New work from Billy


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Truly some amazing pieces. I particularly like the green-stone face and all of the tusk pieces, most especially the last one shown. It has a beautiful flow of line. I really like this piece alot. Is it based on traditional work? This is field in which I am absolutely ignorant, so please indulge me.


It is difficult to determine the scale on some of these pieces, since most are lashed I assumed smaller sizes until I saw the photo of the large piece in hand. Are they mostly pendants? How large are the adze and ax-head?


Regardless of size, really good carvings and great polishing and attention to detail. It's a little overwhelming to see them all at once, you should dribble them out one by one so each will get the praise and attention that they deserve.


Debbie K

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Hey Debbie. Thanks for your kind words.


The last piece you like was carved from a Sperm Whale tooth. It is based on traditional motif and designs, but I've used contemporary elements as well. The piece actually represents a Mako Shark which is famed for its speed and agility.


Most of the pieces are quite large. The Toki, or axe head as you out it, is about 125mm high. The 3 heads are probably the smallest at about 30mm high. The Mako pendant is about 110mm long.


Thanks for your interest, Billy.

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Greetings "Billy",

I've Really enjoyed this update full of Breathtaking pieces. Your attention to detail and Tribal subject matter is impeccable and of a level full of wonder and inspiration.

Thanks for showing us your hear and soul.


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Hi Billy,


Truely nice work you've been showing us there. Think I saw your work somewhere else, do you have a site outside of TCP?

Take care




I also saw these carvings on another site!

Can't remember where though...doh.


Awesome work!


Chris ;)

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Kia ora Maha. I use a combination of my handpiece with a cylindrical bur, a sharp ended graver, and a couple of hundred pieces for practice ;)


I've studied hard some of my favorite artist's traditional techniques, Lional Grant, Rangi Hetit, and set out to emulate these designs in bone.


But I've also failed on many a piece. Good to spend plenty of time of blank pieces of bone to get your technique working.


Good luck bro. Any questions, please ask.

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