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Studio finally done


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This is my newest work


After seven months and far to many hundred dollar bills the studio is finally done. I said all along that once the stove pipe was through the roof it would be officially done, stove pipe was put in place this past weekend.


As all of my equipment was stored in a not rodent proof building for over ten years there is plenty of cleaning to do prior to setting it all up. Spent about four hours Sunday dismantling my rolling mill cleaning it thoroughly and then reassembling it. As I have been buying machines and such for over thirty years I have lots of cleaning to do prior to setting things up. Once things are clean and in the studio I will then figure out where everything is going and then its time to build all of the new benches.


Hopefully I will be making to quote a friend Art (Pieces to nice to throw away) in the not to distant future .... I figure six to eight weeks. I will keep you all informed.


For those that would like to see the studio as it went up the images are posted at this link.




All my best ....... Danny


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Your studio looks great! I bet you're really looking forward to being able to work there. I was over the moon when my husband and I set up a work area: mine is only about 10' x 12', but so much better than the utility room or the kitchen table, which is where I used to be.


We're all looking forward to seeing the inside of the finished studio and the work that will ensue.


Debbie K

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I agree that I am blessed to have such a studio. I started my business back in 1977 with a small lapping machine that I bought at a flea market for 25 dollars, worked on the kitchen table until we moved to Colorado. I have had work areas from non insulated sheds, pump houses, dirt basement, 1937 work trailer and finally for many years a 24 foot across log building much like this new building. This studio has been my dream for many years and fortunately I have been blessed through hard work and persistence to see it a reality.


All my best ......... Danny


I'll do my best to produce a few masterpieces ........... Time will tell and all of you can judge if the work will fall into this category or not.

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