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Dove A.M.M.

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I'm new to this carving forum, so I hope this won't be too boring for you all, as I see so much talent and lovely work here. This post is showing the beef bone rough out that I am doing as a test piece. I haven't done very much small scale carving, and haven't carved much in quite a number of years.

I probably will not attempt to stain this piece, as I am having enough challenge just to get the shape in. Since my flex shaft dremel is not up and running yet, I'm doing this with just the hand held motor type. I find that none of the tips I have get the fine polish I am after, so am actually thinking of glueing pieces of wet/dry sandpaper to toothpicks so I can get down to the fine fine grits for polish.

There is one question I have and hope that anyone can give me some feedback:

Can polishing mediums that are used to buff and high polish stone be used on bone as well?...(providing they are white)?


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good old fashioned metal polish such as 'Brasso' is a very fine abrasive and works well on beef bone.

Only needs putting on and plishing off with a cloth if you have sanded to your desired finish already.

Will give a high white finish.



Sounds good Sandy, thanks. That's actually something I can probably locate here in the boonies where I live.

Your piece is inspiring, to say the least.

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