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Jade Wyrm


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Hi attached is my little Jade Wyrm carved from BC Jade. I was able to use the sanding techniques identified by Debbie K and Shane using the moldmaker sanding sticks from Gesswein.


I received the sanding sticks a couple days before Christmas with a very fast delivery from Purolator. I immediately dropped down to my dungeon workshop to try them out on the Wyrm that had been waiting for a month. I started with 400 grit immediately after carving with a 400 grit diamond bit. That was a mistake. I was not happy with the results and the stick wore very fast. I moved back to the 220 stick and started again this worked better but still was not fast enough. I remembered Daniel Lopaki using wood on a mandrel so I tried a piece of dogwood (hardwood) this worked well but the grit feel off the piece very quickly. I worked for a while with the sanding stick and hardwood bit going back and forth every minute or so. I then remembered reading in John Sinkankas book on how carving was done with a slurry. I tried a drop of water with the grit from the sanding stick and the hardwood bit, much better. I sanded through 220, 400, 600, 800 then switched to 1200 diamond grit on softwood as recommended by Daniel.


Much happier now thanks to the advice from the forum.


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