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Fire Agate Trial


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Hi I tried to work with a small piece of Mexican Fire agate that I came across at the lapidary club. I re-read the descriptions from Daniel Lopaki's site, then the parts in the various entries in the carving path.


The carving was fun and I was able to use the new sanding techniques I learned with the moldmaker sanding stick. I only found a small area of green fire and a bit of purple when held just right. Well the butterfly in chalcedony looks not too bad over the non-fire agate. I am still happy with this little piece. The carving is 45mm high and does look good in the right light. I will try again with another piece of agate later on.




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Nice use of the Chalcodeny cap I like what you did with it. As usual you found very little fire in the rough, I am getting ready to go through all of the fire agate I've collected over the past ten years, as I do I will be finding true gem material when in fact I have some available I will let all on this forum know as I assure you I will never be able to carve even a small protion of what I have and I'd rather see in in the hands of others than see it sit here and collect dust.


Again nice carving ............... All my best .... Danny

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