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hello from Ohio....


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The boss tells me I should post here first, yes mam! ;)


I'm John, pleased to be here.

I carve chains and what ever I can fit into that piece. Balls in cages, hooks, etc. I also carve some small "hobo shoes", and models of old woodworking shop items, like vices, etc. I'll eventually post some pic's, when I get the chance....

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Welcome John,


What sorts of wood do you use? I am curious about the models of the woodworking shop items. Are they single pieces of wood, or made to have moving parts?




Thanks Janel!

I use whatever wood I can get, everything from 2x4's and furring strips to exotic hardwoods. It depends on the project, what kind I use, sometimes I'll need a hinge pin, so that's oak or walnut. I have plenty of rough-cut cherry, about 6 or 8 1x7's and 5 2x4's, they are left over from a mantle piece I made for my old house. Cherry works great because it holds detail fairly well.

Some of the models are too small (for me to see clearly) and those are 1 piece. Others are several pieces, really depends on what the model is and weather I want it to function, like the shingle vice I'm making. It has two moving parts, the clamp and the treadle.

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