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Tree Frog


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From Cornel:


The newest piece is finish and finally I made some photos yesterday.

Its again worked out from one block of boxwood and the eyes are carved from

acryl. Also some dew drops made of acryl, are added.


May I ask You to show this photos among "new work" in TCP ? Thank You for your help ;)



















Janel posted the photos of Cornel's recent piece.

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As I am just getting back to my bench after far to many years this is quite an inspiration. I have carved many tree frogs in the past (they are my favorite subject) this carving gives me more desire than ever to get back to the frogs.


Beautiful work!!


All my best ................... Danny


below fossil ivory tree frog circa 1980


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Thank You all for your nice comments to the frog !


That my work can be an inspiration, an ignition for other

hands creativity is a good feeling ;)


Danny, Thank You for the photos of your tree frog, that looks

very interesting, especially the move !


....and Thank You Janel for posting always my photos.

This is a great help for me !


A very good time for You all !!!



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