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*wave* I'm new here!


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Hi everyone!

I've been browsing the Carving Path forums for a few days now, and decided to join! I've been carving for about one year now; I've been mainly using carbide and diamond bits and a foredom flex shaft. The materials I've worked with so far are hard woods like Lignum Vitae (Guayacan and Argentinian), Pink Ivory, Osage Orange, Tiger Ebony, and cow bone.

I carve gauged earrings (for stretched piercings) mostly, and have done one pendant.

I'd really like to learn how to get more detail and surface carving into my pieces! I want to learn how to make some gravers, too, but it just looks so intimidating; I've never made a tool before! But I am very interested in learning how to carve by hand. I also want to learn how to carve stone...I tried once but I don't think I had it wet enough and it cracked. : (

I look forward to learning a lot and getting to know all of you talented carvers! :D

Here are a few pictures of earrings I've carved:




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sheila,welcome to the forum.i have been carving gemstones since 1968 and if i can help you with carving stone i will be happy to.best regards,kenneth neaves


Thank you Kenneth : ) Wow, you've been carving for a long time! I would be very grateful for your help and experience. : ) I think it will be good for me to talk with folks who have been carving for years and years, so I am not so hard on myself when I am not as good as I want to be, but I've only been working at it for barely a year! :D

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Welcome Shelia. Don't be afraid to make a graver. Look at it as a minature metal scuplture. It's one of those things that is far easier to do than explain. Other than the shape of being flat, V, ogive it's just two basic angels. A 45 degree face and a 5 degree heel.


Check out the Jim Kelso tutorial I posted in your other post.


Be sure to visit the two engraving forums as well.





It seems to me carvers like making their own tools and self-teaching a bit more than engravers. Follow your own path. Me, I'm a serious do it yourself person.



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