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From Donn Salt (Book Review) "I suspect the most likely source for raw jade would be to approach Kirk Makepiece who is presently recovering jade through the summer period.

Contact for him .....makepeace@jademine.com


Personally I've not been in touch with him nor met him although I do know he is recovering jade and has passed on some considerable poundage.




I've just had a look at http://www.jademine.com and recommend having a look at how the jade is mined. What an effort!



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Sorry, everybody, it has been a while since I checked in. (New Job :) )

Janel you are right, Kirk Makepeace is the person to talk to about Jade. You will not find a more knowledgeble person on jade than Kirk. I know this because I worked for him for 13 years. I have recently become a firefighter, or else I would still be there.

Here is me with a 6 tonne boulder that was polished for a Gem show in Germany.


Kirk is very passionate about Jade, and I believe he has done more to advance Jade's reputation than anyone.


Thank you Janel, for recommending the visit to www.jademine.com I take a lot of pride in the site, because I was the person responsible for maintaining it. <_<


I believe Jade is one of the finest mediums for sculpting. It is the toughest naturaly occuring stone, it is beautiful, and it is timeless.


Kirk, can be reached at Jade West 1-888-538-4525 (604-538-4525) If you are interested in purchasing Jade from small pieces to large boulder sizes.

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