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A few of my first pendants


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I wanted to do something different a year or so ago, so I viewed many different styles of bone carved pendants. I really respect those that can do these type of carvings with hand tools only, but must admit that I really like using powered hand tools. These were done with just a Dremel brand handpiece and myriad of different burs while sitting on our balcony at our apartment complex. Here are a couple of my first attempts, the first was representative of fern frond for New Zealand, a hook for fishing and an anchor for hope and stability. The fern was carved on both front and back, and I braided the waxed thread for the necklace. I sourced the beef bone at our local Petco store, affordable, carves nicely and polishes up really well.


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Hi Lee,


Thanks for asking, and yes the images are fine. It is good to see your work! Did the one piece crack because of too much heat while working with the power tool?




Whew..Thanks Janel.


Nope, it was a break early in the process. I was cutting some excess off and twisted it the wrong direction in the vise. Ooops!

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