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dragon ring

magnus homestead

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Thank you Janel and Debbie.


Debbie: this is a very nice sapphire indeed - as to setting with a hammer and punch - it is actually a very safe method, I think, as you are able to view the metal and stone with high magnification while your hammer is several inches away from the stone - so if you miss hit, you will not be striking the stone itself - one can still break a stone this way, but you can move a lot of gold with a lot of control - the critical aspects are the shaping of the prong, the shape and size of the punch and the weight of the hammer. (I broke a triangle cut moisonite the other day using this technique on a bezel when I changed from a light weight hammer to a heavier one and the bezel moved more than I expected or wanted.)As with most of these things - practice makes the most difference.



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