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Newest Completed Knife

Mike Ruslander

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Thank you all.

Quinn, I did everything on the knife myself, except the heat treating and cryo soaking of the blade. I sent it off for that. All grinding, carving, etc. was me.

Janel, all is well, as the economy has "underemployed" me, I find that I have had more time to work on projects, hence, I'm finishing up old stuff and starting new things. Fortunately, my wife and I have always been frugal and never lived beyond our means, so, other than feeling the pinch, like most of us, life is good.

Magnus, The blade is ground 440C stainless steel, the guard, collar, pommel, are made of copper, and the handle is Purpleheart wood. Overall length is a hair over 13". The blade itself is 7". I'll post some other pics of the details.

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That's an AWESOME knife!


I have been interested in knife making since I was a kid, and actually did used to make a few knives here and there, but all metal work, and nothing in stone or wood, or anything requiring intricate carving or anything, as i just wasn't into that kinda thing back then.


I used to make balisong knives (Philippine butterfly knives), which are NOW "illegal", as are the out the front switchblade knives I used to make, things like that, but these days, I'm not so much interested in the "action" of the knives, or even their usefulness, but rather their aesthetic appearance, and the artwork that goes into creating them!


I'm considering carving some solid jade blades actually, and also creating knife handles out of stone, but using traditional metals for the knife itself.


I'll be watching you for more inspiration and hopefully, if I can find the time, I'll actually GET to creating something like that, but ya know, you just can't do EVERYTHING at once!!


Take care, GREAT work, you've inspired me once again to take up knife making as I've wanted to for many YEARS!!


Chris ;)

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