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The Inaugural Dawn

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From Maori mythology comes the legend of creation. Tane Mahuta, God of the forests and all that live within, forced his parents apart by putting his feet against his father, Ranginui the Sky Father, and his shoulders against his mother, Papatuanuku the Earth Mother, and forcing them apart from their embrace. The light then cast across the land for the first time.


Hope you enjoy











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Hey Billy,


No one has commented on the great piece you have created here....the first thing I thought was dagger handle, I can see it with a nice quality Pounamu blade.


Cheers, Jas

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Thanks Jas. Yes, seems to have created little interest. Not to worry... :)


I've been asked to do daggers handles before. May have to look at someone to collaborate here with in wellington.


Chur b

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kia ora

bro how large is this peice very your style is very innovative and unique.

I like how youve challenged conventional carving by creating a wrap around style

I am also overjoyed that you have found a method to improve the use of deer antler which I always seemed to think was to thin to carve.


I have done a little work with deer antler and while experimenting I came up with a hangin

technique(for pendants) you may find interesting. Its a more affordable solutition to having a jeweller attatch a clasp.

I use a small curtain eyelet and a thick piece of paua.oh almost forgot drill the centre of the paua shell and try to screw the curtain eyelet into the deer bonemarrow cheers




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Kia ora Billy,


Seems like I've been missing your post. I will only say one word Bravo.

Quite rare to see such a great use of deer antler.

And also thank's for the myth.


Take care


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