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Hi From Alabama

Brooke H

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hi! i'm a little late in posting a hello, but i'm delighted to have joined this forum. i feel a little out of my league with so many amazing artists, but hopefully i can soak up enough techniques and upgrade my tools enough to hang.


i've been carving in wood pretty much since i could handle a knife, and recently i've been working in soapstone, which thrills me no end and makes me want to move on to other stone. i'm trying to get some photos sized, and will post my current projects when i do.

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hi board! sorry it took me so long to reply; i've been moving, and we all know what that's like. now that i have had a moment to breathe, i can share some photos and hopefully continue my project, which is a (somewhat large) soapstone chess set. i'm going to try to post some photos linked from facebook; i think i read they would be a decent size for viewing.


a castle. this block came from hobby lobby and was kind of hard and even had a spark or two in it, but i managed a few embattlements, even.




a knight. another hobby lobby block; this one had a bad vein in the nose there, but i managed to not break it. sorry it is a little blurry.




and a bishop. i was going more for the sort of 'blessing' hand you see a lot in byzantine and most of other religious art, but the best i got was two fingers extended, which i understand is still a sort of gesture of blessing.





sorry for the poor quality of the photos. some of these were taken with my phone, but i hope to do better next time when i replace my camera, which has sadly passed away, the years of riotous living having finally caught up with it.


i'm also working on a soapstone artichoke, which is a request from a friend.

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