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Joey G.

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My name is Joey

I began working on houses when I was young and worked my way up to running a small custom cabinet shop for the last 12 years or so. Now I find myself as a stay at home father with a lot of time on my hands (but in five minute increments, LOL). I bought a chip carving knife when I was in my 20 and tried it a couple of times. I felt like I should be able to make a couple of cuts and have a completed carving. Needless to say the knife spent years floating around my tool box. Well a year ago my wife and I bought a new house and she was generous enough to give me the garage for a small wood shop. I began making little treasure boxes for my kids doing line carvings of animals in them. Sorta like chip carving style but more free hand. I know there is a name for the style but I can't remember it at the moment.

Over the past week or two, I started carving wood spirits. The old man in the wood onto sticks I had in the shop. I found I really enjoyed the peace I found in taking out those little shavings to create something. It is completely different that the power tool approach I used for so long in the cabinet shop. I joined this forum ( the first forum I have ever been on) to hopefully meet others who feel the same about carving, and hopefully learn from others with more experience than I have. Thanks for the time you have spent reading my little intro. I know how valuable time is, and am grateful for yours.

Yours truly,


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I posted one picture of my first carving which is still in the works. I do have a few pictures of some boxes I have made that I would like to post but I need to figure out how to crop the pictures so that the file size is not to big for the forum. As soon as i get this figured out I will get them up. Thanks for the warm welcome

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